Waylon Lewis

Founder of Elephant Journal & Talk Show Host   

"Sarah is accessible, yet offers real wisdom. She's fun, yet focuses on things that matter. She solves that greatest question of all: 'how to magnetize folks' attention toward the truly important questions in life?'"

Yoli Ramazzina

Editor at Elephant Journal & Featured Author

"Working with Sarah has been a pleasant and insightful experience. Her musings are genuine and heartfelt, which allows her the capacity to discuss just about any topic in an accessible, thoughtful way. Her unique yet gentle voice shines through in her writing in a way that draws readers into the discussion, without being overpowering or elitist. Sarah's gentle spirit and sincerity is undeniable, and it's a pleasure whenever I get to read and edit her work." 

Dr. Paul E CALARCO, Jr.

Reader & Associate Professor

"In this amazing journey of crossing paths and streams of consciousness came my kinship with Sarah Norrad. Her writing is immensely personal, while it's presentation is general, allowing the reader to connect as they may. She is undoubtedly connected to source, pulling from the deepest depths to assist the ones who are making the conscious choice to learn, rise and grow."


"Working with Sarah and editing her work has been a complete delight. Her contributions to elephant journal never fail to leave me with some life-transforming nuggets of wisdom, whether they're of benefit to my relationships, my spiritual journey, or getting through life in this crazy, complicated world. Sarah's attitude is probably what I love most about working with her. She is grounded, honest, and clear in her communication, and always so kind and friendly. Anyone who has the pleasure of learning from and being inspired by Sarah will not be let down!" ~ Catherine Monkman, Editor at Elephant Journal

"Your poetry is better than therapy."  ~ Julie Araceli, Reader

"I'm in love with her feminine writing. Lovely, enchanting song for my Soul."  ~ Ala Ber, Reader

"Sarah Norrad you are truly a blessing in my life and I am sure, no I am positive, you are an absolute blessing to this life in general! There are so many heart's touched by your words. You have the amazing gift to lift us up in the name of love and light... I love you sister." ~ Kathy Ramsey, Reader

"Working with you will be an unbelievable experience that I look forward to. Sarah, you're just one of the individuals that have a peace in your heart about you that touches anyone who opens there heart, mind and soul to your words.You are a very respected person." ~ Victor Jackson, Reader 

"It is real joy when a writer evokes emotion and helps us to pause and reflect on life. Sarah Norrad has this gift to inspire and bring spiritual awareness into our hearts." Greg Rushton,Reader

"I love this beautiful soul...her peace helps me." ~ Sarah Morris, Reader

"It is always a real pleasure on my soul to read her delicious and on point prose, concise yet deep." ~ Patrick Smolski, Reader

"Like many of us, I seek to feel and live a sense of intrinsic joy, optimism, love and gratitude in the things I endeavour to do. I'm a perpetual seeker to help me fight my demons... it was through a dear friend that I stumbled upon truth poems and insightful articles written by Sarah Norrad. Her visions combined with her old-world wisdom and truly captivating style of writing seduced me into wanting to read more and more of it! I love reading Sarah's work because I believe she's a very real person, every bit as broken, healed, re-broken and re-healed as the rest of us. Sarah is a true seeker, but is also wise to know and understand that everything in life is about the intricate balance of it all. Her wisdom spans religion, spirit, humanity, nature, sexuality and the intricate connection that it all has to source. For someone so young, Sarah has lifetimes worth of wisdom combined with a tender heart and incredible compassion. Ya, I strongly recommend reading Sarah Norrad! Humble yourself and park your ego... the trip is so worth it!" ~ Peter Lerch, Reader