The Way Out is Within

                          The Way Out is Within

I Am.

I am Sarah Norrad, a professional writer and transformational coach, certified yoga and mindfulness teacher, lay counsellor, reiki practitioner, facilitator, content creator and featured author with Elephant Journal.

Since the time I was born I have felt a pull towards understanding the deeper truths in life - the ones that allow us to be free. This calling has taken me to countless countries, spiritual practices, and to an understanding that the answers are not outside of us, but within.

My daily purpose is to offer whatever I can, whenever I can, in service for others to know their full spark for connection and success. It is my passion to help others on their journey in remembering wholeness, spirit and representing themselves in the world as powerfully as possibility allows.

Deeply disciplined in both the practice of meditation and literature, I hope to forever answer the call to be here now in our entirety through presence and through words. Wholeness means we offer our complete selves to the work we know we are meant to do and to each other - you and writing are mine.